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Introduction to Scent Work                                                                                                        BACK

Class Description 

According to AKC, the sport of Scent Work celebrates the joy of sniffing, and asks a dog to sniff to their heart’s content; turning your dog’s favorite activity into a rewarding game. In so many dog sports the handler is in control but this isn’t true in Scent Work. In a competition, neither the dog nor handler knows where the target odor is hidden. The handler has to rely on the dog, and follow the dog’s nose to success. In Scent Work, it is the canine who is the star of the show.
This class will explore the basic concepts of Scent Work. It will cover how to play Scent Training games at home to meet your dog’s need for mental and physical stimulation. As your dog learns to problem solve and gain focus, this class will also give an overview of the competitive aspect of the sport by introducing odor (the scented oils dog search for at a trial) and covering some foundational skills. 
This class is good for dogs needing more confidence, dogs who have a lot energy and need a job, as well as senior dogs and those recovering from an injury.

Dog Crates are required for this class.

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