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Competition Obedience Classes

Our Advanced Obedience Classes are geared for those interested in obedience competition. We offer a variety of classes teaching everything from the fundamentals to polishing up your performance and working on problem areas that might be affecting your scores.  Crates are required equipment for all these classes

  • Beginner Foundations for Competition Obedience
Class Description:

This class is for inexperienced handlers and/or young dogs that are just starting in competition obedience.  The focus of the class will be teaching handlers and dogs the format of Beginner Novice and Novice, footwork, engagement, and games/tricks which transition into training. 

  • Advanced Foundations for Competition Obedience
Class Description:

This class is for experienced handlers and/or dogs and handlers that have completed the Beginner Foundations class. This class will progress the dog and handler to higher levels of obedience skills, including command discrimination and dumbbell work, using skills the dog has mastered in the Beginner class. 

  • Competition Novice Obedience

Class Description:

This class is for dogs who want to compete in AKC Obedience.  The skills taught in this class will get you ready to enter an AKC Obedience trial at the Novice level.  Skills taught are: precision heeling on lead and off lead, Stand stay with a person able to go over the dog, recall from 30 ft away, fronts and finishes.  You will also learn some training games to keep the training upbeat.  

Prerequisites for this class : completion of the Advanced beginner class, Competition Puppy class or earned an AKC BN title.

  • Pre-Open Obedience and Retrieving

Class Description

This class is for the competition obedience dog that does not yet have a retrieve so they cannot go on to open and utility training.  This class will teach a solid retrieve of the dumb bell using a positive methodology.  The class will also include an introduction to jumping as used in the obedience ring. 

Required Equipment : Dumbbell- can be wood or plastic

  • Intermediate Competition Obedience

Class Description

This class is for dogs that need some extra instruction time working at the open and utility level.
  • Open Obedience

Class Description

This class is for the competition obedience dog that has been introduced to retrieving & jumping skills.  This class will teach the new exhibitor and/ or new dog all Open Obedience exercises using a positive methodology.

Required Equipment: Dumbbell- can be wood or plastic 

  • Utility Obedience 

Class Description:

This class will teach the exercises used in Competition Utility.  Exercises covered are the Signal exercise, Scent articles, Directed Retrieve, Moving stand, and directed Jumping.  The exercises will be broken down into their components to teach. 

Required Equipment:  Scent articles - you may choose 2 of the 3 types of articles, leather, wood or metal.  You will need 6 of each type.  Gloves- 3 white gloves.  An article bag that allows air to flow through it and tongs to pick up your articles. Other aids maybe recommended to help your dog learn the exercises. 

  • Open/ Utility Obedience- Motivational Engagement

Class Description

This class is for those competitors that already know how to perform the exercises for the Open and Utility levels of AKC obedience and want to up their performance building higher drive with solid engagement.  Games and Challenges will be used to increase the team’s engagement and build understanding and drive.  

  • Open/ Utility Obedience- Proofing and Problem Solving

Class Description: 

This class is for dog and handler teams that have a full understanding of the Open and Utility exercises.  Instruction will be offered on ways to improve and polish your performances.  Challenges will be used to assure you and your dog have a full understanding of each exercise and can work under stress and induced pressure. 


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