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Scent Work

What do dogs love to do?  Sniff of course!  Dog's sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,00 times greater than your or my sense of smell.  Why not put that joy to work for you and your dog.

Scent work takes this innate desire and turns it into a game.  It is a terrific sport for all kinds of dogs both young and old alike.  It is a wonderful way to build confidence in a shy dog and build a lasting relationship with your dog.

MADTA offers 3 great classes in scent work.  Chose the one that best suits you and your dog.

  • Scent Work Beginner

Class Description

In this class your dog will be introduced to the various odors used in scent work.  You will learn how to teach your dog to respond when an odor is detected.  You will be exposed to the various search classes scent work trials perform (containers, interior, exterior, and buried) by the end of the session your dog will have a thorough introduction to what scent work is all about.  You will have learned the foundation skills needed to play scent games and enter CPE and AKC trials. 
  • Scent Work Advanced Beginner

Class Description

This class will pick up where Beginner class left off and develop your skills to have you ready for a Novice level Trial at its completition.  Improve your confidence in knowing when your dog has located a hide.

  • Scent Work Excellent / Master
Class Description

This class will take you and your dog on from beginner/novice to more difficult searches involving multiple odors with greater difficulty levels.  

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