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Obedience Classes

We offer a variety of Obedience Classes to fit your needs
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Puppy Kindergarten 

For puppies up to 4 months, The Best Gift you can give your puppy is to enroll in this class.  Socialization is of utmost importance in you dog's life this is a fun way to accomplish this.  You will learn how to walk on leash, sits, downs, attention work and how to make you and your pup better canine citizens.

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Beginner  Obedience

Beginner class is for puppies over 4 months old: This class is wonderful class for you and you dog, teaching your dog to walk, sit, and lie down on command, also to "STAY" as you walk a distance away.  "COME", is also taught and is one of the most important exercices.  While these exercises are going on in class, your dog is learning socialization skills with other dogs and people while having fun! 

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O-Gility Beginner  Obedience

O-Gility is an innovative, holistic approach to teaching basic beginner pet obedience. Based on the concept of exploration and play, dogs are led through the common obedience requirements while engaging in play activities using down-sized agility equipment and commonly encountered objects, people, and activities.

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Advanced Beginners Obedience

Requirements: Dog and handler have completed a Beginner Obedience class or handler has trained a dog before. Dog should be able to do a sit and down on command and does a controlled walk on leash.

You will be working on tightening up your skills, learn the figure 8, work on attention and advanced stays.

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Novice Obedience

For dogs who have completed beginner and advanced beginner obedience classes.    This class is for handlers that want to prepare to compete at the Novice level in AKC/UKC obedience trails.  Hone you heeling off leash, stand for exams, sits and downs, and recalls. Work on the "attention" needed to be a team through the exercises

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Open Obedience

Basic Open includes heeling off lead, drop on recall, broad jump and high jump. (intro to dumb bell work) longer group exercise times. 

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Utility Obedience

Learning signals, scent discrimination, Directive retrieve, moving stand/exam, go out, Directed jumping (all on a beginner scale)

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Canine Dog Sports Program 

This class introduces the Canine Dog Sports Program obedience and working on the individual exercises and introducing the CDSP rules. All Levels. 

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